Building a Personal Brand Online for Sales

To generate awareness about your employment potential and personal goals and interests, building a personal brand can help you connect with companies of interest.

Here are 5 tips to consider when building your personal brand. Information adapted from Tyler Lindley, Sales Coach for Vendition.

  1. Show up. Comment, like, post, re-share, and give your perspective on topics potential employers care about. A personal brand is not just your profile, it's your insights!
  2. Find your prospects. What social media platforms are employers on? Connect with them and start following their content. Find areas to insert yourself into their discussions.
  3. Choose your platform. Don't try to figure out every social platform. It's better to be great and participate in one arena than be insufficient on several platforms. 
  4. Take chances. No one stands out by just liking stuff. Add to the discussion. Post your own stuff. Start a podcast about your industry. Do videos on topics in your niche. 
  5. Be consistent. You aren't going to build a personal brand by not investing time into the process. Show up every day. Show up on the right platforms. Add value as much as possible.

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