Coachability is Important to Employers, but Why?

Coachability informs potential employers about your ability to produce tasks efficiently. This article provides a high-level overview of coachability as well as activity and discussion questions that can be utilized for group learning.

An individual that shows motivation to improve and do better is a sign that this person is coachable. This is an important trait to employers because they have the ability to create productive workers that are efficient in their tasks. 


Get into pairs of 2 or more. Take turns answering the questions below and providing feedback to each other. 

  • What is one new skill you have learned from a colleague or friend? What did you learn and why is it important to your profession?
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake and had to report it to another person. What did you learn and how did you fix the situation?
  • When you receive feedback at work how do you act upon the advice?
  • When being coached do you prefer to create solutions individually or do you like when your coach is hands-on every step of the way?


What is a personal goal?

Is there an opportunity for continued improvement or learning in your response?

Share an example of a time when you received feedback.

This question is to learn about how you acted on the feedback you were provided. This could potentially be an interview question to learn how coachable you are.

Describe a challenge you had to overcome.

This is a very popular interview question and you should be prepared to answer it. Use a former job experience or example from participating in a club or group project. What did you learn from the challenge that occurred?


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