Cold Emailing - What is it? How do I use it?

Cold emails are sent to someone you've never met. This article provides a high-level overview of cold emailing as well as an activity and discussion questions that can be utilized for group learning.

Cold emailing is an email sent to someone you’ve never met before, also known as a prospect. The content of your email is considered "cold" for 3 reasons:

  1. You have never met this person.
  2. This person has not engaged with you or your company online.
  3. You can't confirm they know you or the company you're representing.


You are looking to expand your LinkedIn network. Find 5 sales professionals on LinkedIn whom you'd like to connect with. Draft an email to send to them via LinkedIn message or email. In your message provide an introduction to yourself and a call to action (CTA). A CTA is a marketing term for any design to prompt an immediate response. Have a chapter member or CSS national team member proofread your email and/or provide feedback on your messaging. Feel free to use the resources provided as guidelines. Send your message and make new connections! This is a great way to build your network and discover new job and internship opportunities.

Discussion Questions

What are the benefits of cold emailing?

How is cold emailing different from cold calling and why is it a valuable sales strategy?

What should you put in a cold email?

Are you planning to just introduce yourself? Are you sharing resources or hoping to connect over an opportunity? People with busy schedules might appreciate short and direct messages. Be clear about the intention behind your email.

Should you use a cold email template or write unique emails?

This is a question of quality versus quality. Is it better to send fewer emails that have specific content or use a template and send many emails?


Download this meeting agenda here.