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Collegiate Sales Society Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about Collegiate Sales Society and we have answers!

What do we need in our constitution?

Constitutions differ per university. Your institution should have an example template of what is required. CSS has a sample constitution to pull from to adhere to each university's standards.


Can our chapter get funding from CSS?

CSS Nationals is happy to review funding requests for necessary items. It can take up to a week for funding requests to be approved, so plan accordingly. CSS does not charge dues for students to become members.

Can our chapter make our own website?

Each CSS Chapter has the ability to create its own social media accounts and website. CSS is happy to support our chapters with website and social media content. To create and manage your chapter's site please work with your program manager.

What is the connection between each chapter to nationals?

CSS Nationals will support each chapter, help find guest speakers, aid in networking and host an Annual Summit and Virtual Career Fair each fall. All members of CSS will have the option to participate in CSS's Sales Education Series, Career Fair, and Summer Internship Program.