How do I start a CSS Chapter at my campus?

Starting a new club or organization looks different on every campus. We have designed a playbook to help you navigate the process.

CSS is here to help you become a founding member of your campus's CSS chapter. Our national team will help you and your members develop into high-performing sales leaders. This means setting you up to earn sales internships and job opportunities. We will provide you with coaching, online tools, and financial assistance to uphold your chapter programming. 

Each chapter will receive a national logo, access to our exclusive LinkedIn network as well as our annual summit and virtual career fair. Chapters will be encouraged to take advantage of working with national partner organizations and contacts or introductions to sales professionals like event speakers. Chapters are responsible for providing an updated chapter roster to the national team each semester. Getting started looks a little different on each campus, but this Getting Started Playbook will help you navigate your application process.