How to add my CSS experience to LinkedIn?

Being a part of the Collegiate Sales Society community is an achievement that should make all of our students proud. To share your accomplishments with your professional network, we recommend adding sections about CSS to your resume and LinkedIn.


Below are some examples of how you can incorporate your CSS experience into your LinkedIn and Resume.


Feel free to use these statements as inspiration and a template for your own profiles, but make sure to adjust them into your own words and customize them to best describe your experience. Be sure to pay attention to your verbiage and the tense that you use so it aligns with the time you have been a club member. Every CSS student has a unique story, and your resume and LinkedIn should reflect that!


Collegiate Sales Society (CSS) is the premier national collegiate sales organization providing education, networking, and career development opportunities to the next generation of sales leaders.

  • Developed sales skills through workshops, guest speaker presentations, and networking events.
  • Collaborated with other sales-oriented students to improve sales knowledge.
  • Engaged with experienced sales professionals in varying industries at national sales development events.


  • Managing, organizing, and promoting regular chapter meetings for X students.
  • Reaching out to sales executives from varying industries to mentor students.
  • Designing recruitment strategies resulting in X membership increase.
  • Directing a team of X chapter officers to manage chapter operations.
  • Creating marketing materials to share on CSS social media pages.
  • Designing social media marketing strategies to increase membership and meeting attendance.
  • Growing CSS’ social media presence from X to X followers.
  • Increasing CSS engagement on social media X percent.
  • Leading general body meetings by presenting sales and career development curriculum.


The Collegiate Sales Certification (CSC) is a 3-module course that teaches students how to excel in a sales role while providing real-life experience. The CSC consists of:

  • Completing Vendition Sales Bootcamp. Passing the Vendition Sales Bootcamp final exam (with written and verbal components).
  • Mastering the basics of Salesforce through the CSS Salesforce online course.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of Salesforce through a live-proctored demo.
  • Completing the CSS cold calling training course.
  • Attending 1:1 mock call training sessions with an instructor.
  • Making hundreds of real-life cold calls selling real-life products and services. Maintaining accurate CRM records. Demonstrating cold calling skills with a proctored final.


Keep in mind that these statements are designed to be customized to best describe your experiences with Collegiate Sales Society and the Collegiate Sales Certification. Be sure to add in any quantifiable metrics associated with these programs and adjust these statements to match your professional writing style.

It is also important to use the proper verb tense that matches your timeline of involvement. For example, current CSS students or CSC enrollees may use the present tense, while CSS students who have graduated or have already finished the CSC course would use past tense verbs.


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