Interview Prep: How to Tell Your Story

How to tell your story during an interview.

When you tell your story, think through your top accomplishments. This can include sports, past work, and academic achievements. Be prepared to describe how your mindset developed during a challenging time and how you grew from the experience.

You should be able to use the examples you come up with to answer any question. When citing specific examples we want to see all of these:

Who: Who are you reaching out to? What are their names? What are their positions within the company?

What: What are you saying to entice people into a conversation? Is your correspondence on the phone or email?

Where: What was the location of your example? Use this to build context in your story.

When: Use a timeline to construct the background. For example, from March 2021 to June 2021.

Why: Why is this example important to the business or organization you are working at? Share your points of excellence and accomplishments.

How: How does the example qualify you and relate to the role? Bridge the gap between your past work experience and the role you are applying for.

Write down 4 strengths

Break down an example that demonstrates a situation, with actions and results.

Study the job description prior to your interview so you can show that your skills and strengths match what the employer is looking for. 

Biggest weakness

Make sure your weakness is not a skill that the job description is seeking. Identify a behavioral skill that you have been working on and show how you have improved.

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