Product Knowledge

The ability to communicate product information and answer questions that can help in decision-making is also known as product knowledge. This is an incredibly important area for any employee that works with outward-facing customers.

Product knowledge can help you describe to your customer the benefits, uses, and support your product has to offer.



Break into groups and have one person be the customer. The customer would like to buy a new cell phone but doesn’t know what phone to get. The rest of the group will take turns focusing on the customer needs. Using your knowledge of your personal cell phone, focus on selling the customer the make and model of your cell phone.

If you complete the activity before the time is called, change customers and try a different product.

Discussion Questions

  • How do you increase your product knowledge?
    • Why is it important to know a product and what information should you be able to provide?
  • How do you develop product knowledge?
    • What would you do to improve your skills?
  • What are the types of training for product knowledge?
    • What are the benefits of learning a product in an instructor lead training or offline?
    • (Hint: use the resource section to learn more.)


Tips and Templates:


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