Resume Template and Editing Video Tutorial

Become one step closer to landing your dream job with this resume template and video tutorial.

Build a standout resume using our sample template. Penelope Yamauchi walks you through how to craft the perfect resume for your future employer. Check out the tutorial and become one step closer to landing your dream job.

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 <City>, <State> <Zip Code> ♦ (XXX) XXX-XXXX ♦ <> ♦<ΛινκεδΙν ΥΡΛ>


<Insert 1-2 sentences on who you are and what type of role you’re looking for> 

Recent graduate from XYZ University with XYZ soft skills and I am seeking a Sales Development position in a hyper-growth SaaS company.



Baller University, Sunny City, CA                                                             Mmm. 20XX - Mmm 20XX

<Baller Degree in Subject> 

    • GPA: X.X/4.0; Dean’s List Honors
    • Leadership: 
      • [EXAMPLE ORG] Officer for Student Business Organization
    • <Insert succinct description of responsibilities>
          • XXXX
        • Team Captain Swim Team
      • <Insert succinct description of responsibilities>
          • XXXX



      Awesome Startup & Co., San Francisco, CA.                                         Mmm. 20XX - Mmm 20XX

      Customer Support Intern

      <Insert 2- to 3-line Description>

      Responsible for communications with customers across all inbound channels leading efforts in providing excellent customer support, onboarding new customers, and creatively resolving issues customers experienced with the customer.

      • <Insert 3-5 responsibilities and measurable impact from your work, examples below>
      • Responded to and handled on average 30 assigned customer support tickets daily.
      • Collaborated with product and marketing to develop growth and retention strategies to increase LTV of our existing customer base.
      • Drove retention and growth among our valued customers by understanding their needs, their pain points, and helping them succeed.

      Hometown Restuarant, San Mateo, Ca                                                  Mmm. 20XX - Mmm 20XX


      <Insert 2- to 3-line Description>

      Assisted customers in order selection, recommended specific menu items and wine pairing, and ensured prompt, accurate, and high-quality service.

      • <Insert 3-5 responsibilities and measurable impact from your work, examples below>
      • Consistently ranked in the top 5 out of 30 for highest check average.
      • Memorized wine stock and appetizer pairings to suggest to customers, leading to a daily average of an additional $165 wine sales - 15% above the company average.
      • Partnered with Marketing to create new displays and menu designs using Canva and Adobe.
      • Assisted in training 6 new employees all of whom hit their sales goal in their first month.


      Certifications & Awards: CSS Collegiate Sales Certification Jun. 2021

      Technical Skills & Tools: Microsoft Office products, Canva

      Interests & Hobbies: Lots of cool unique stuff about you [i.e. Surfing, Stand-up Comedy, Krav Maga]

      Any Other Cool Things: [i.e. Volunteering, Non-profit, side projects]