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What is the Collegiate Sales Certification?

The Collegiate Sales Certification is a FREE 3-module certification course that provides students with an overview of the Sales Development Representative role, an introductory Salesforce course, and a cold-calling fellowship.

The Collegiate Sales Certification (CSC) is a FREE 3-module certification course that provides students with an overview of the fundamentals of sales, an introduction to using a customer relationship management system, and a cold-calling fellowship. Students will gain both real-world sales experience and gain a certification that can be highlighted on their LinkedIn profile and during interviews with future potential employers.

Module 1: Sales Bootcamp

Sales Bootcamp is a resource provided by Vendition that serves as an excellent introduction to the sales profession. This series of asynchronous videos give students an idea of the day-to-day life of an SDR, and provides an overview of how to complete some of the core tasks of an SDR these include:

  • Writing a cold email
  • Offering to show a prospect a case study
  • Constructing an elevator pitch
  • Leaving a voicemail for a prospect

Complete with intermittent comprehension quizzes and personalized feedback from experienced sales coaches, students gain real-world experience that is essential to an SDR role.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the pain points of a sales prospect
  • Accurately demonstrate the value that your product provides 
  • Effectively explain how your product serves as a solution to your prospect’s problem
  • Create and distribute relevant case studies for your prospects
  • Develop creative methods to engage prospects and schedule meetings

Module 2: Salesforce Course

Module 2 of the CSC is an introduction to Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management software used by salespeople. Many entry-level sales roles require or strongly encourage their incoming employees to be familiar with Salesforce, so this course is a perfect opportunity to achieve that. You will learn the basics of how to use this platform and when you would apply its various functions to your job as a sales representative.

Once you have completed the provided course, you will complete a proctored demo with a member of the team to ensure that you are able to use the platform effectively. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the basic elements of Salesforce and how to navigate the platform
  • Practice the key actions involved in using Salesforce effectively
  • Generate helpful reports to track relationships with prospects

Module 3: Cold-Calling Fellowship

One of the most important aspects of an entry-level sales role is cold calling. Candidates who already have experience in this area and are comfortable making cold calls have a clear advantage over their counterparts who do not. That is why in the third module of the CSC, students will be given a list of 100 phone numbers that they will call. During this cold calling fellowship, the students will be selling either Collegiate Sales Society sponsorship packages or convincing their prospects to hire a summer intern.

Module 1 provides all of the tips and training students need to make the calls, and providing 100 phone numbers gives students ample chances to practice cold calling and get comfortable with reaching out to experienced sales professionals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cultivate cold-calling skills crucial to an entry-level sales role
  • Practice garnering a prospect’s interest quickly
  • Listen effectively to your prospect to understand their problem and pain points
  • Express appreciation for your prospect’s time
  • Demonstrate the value of your product concisely
  • Persuade your prospect to believe that your product is the solution to their problem